Yoga U PGH: A Space for the Community

Laurel Chiappetta, Owner of Yoga U PGH

Between going to work, taking classes, and all the hustle and bustle that takes up the day, there rarely comes a time where people stop to take a moment for themselves. With the newly opened Yoga U PGH, stationed in the heart of the business district (3608 Forbes Ave), comes the opportunity for people to take that moment, revitalize, and exercise without having to go too far from work, school, or home! 

Yoga U PGH offers several different types of yoga, including vinyasa flow, Hatha, led Ashtanga, and some fun classes like Cuss and Burn and wildcard music.  Also, FREE half-hour lunchtime meditations are available during certain days of the week, allowing people to breathe and leave stress at the door for a short time. Depending on the day, the schedule can range anywhere from 5:15AM classes to 8:45PM classes, with all times in between. The schedule is open and diverse to cater to different availabilities because if anyone can relate to juggling school, work, and taking care of the mind and body, it’s Laurel Chiappetta, Owner of Yoga U PGH.

Besides owning Yoga U PGH and teaching classes there, Chiappetta has taught statistics and research courses at Oakland’s own University of Pittsburgh. Chiappetta is a Pitt alum (x3) who has also worked for UPMC and then as an independent statistical consultant.  As someone who has spent so much of her academic and professional life in Oakland, Chiappetta noticed that, “there was nowhere I could conveniently incorporate my yoga practice into my schedule.” The desire to be the one who changed this situation, plus years of planning, formed Yoga U PGH.

Chiappetta believes that Oakland has a number of different groups who would benefit from yoga and meditation. Students, workers, hospital visitors, residents, and everyone in-between can find a time and class that works best for them. Chiappetta stresses the importance of accessibility and including the whole community in this studio. In doing so, Yoga U PGH offers specialty classes geared towards, but not limited to: body positive yoga, cancer patients, and first responders.
 With a great location, open availability, and plenty of class options, Yoga U PGH is the place to give yourself a moment, and give your mind and body some well-deserved exercise. 

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