Roots Natural Kitchen: Healthy Without Sacrifice

Looking for a local restaurant that doesn’t break your New Year’s resolution? Look no further than Roots Natural Kitchen (3610 Forbes Ave), who opened doors on January 7th! With homemade ingredients and many natural, flavorful options to choose from, you’ll think you’re having a cheat day–but Alberto Namnum (Roots co-owner), is glad to tell you otherwise. 

“The goal of Roots is to have natural, healthy food without sacrifice,” he explains, “whether it’s flavor, taste, portion, or price.” Following a specific diet? Roots Natural Kitchen gives the power of choice to the customer with options for bases (such as bulgur, rice, and various leafy greens), add-in ingredients (beans, veggies, cheese, etc.) and protein (mushrooms, chicken, and tofu). Customize and make your own favorite! 

Individuality doesn’t stop with food; Oakland’s Roots Natural Kitchen has been built, “unique from the other Roots locations,” according to Namnum. Since its beginning in June 2015, Namnum and co-owner Alvaro Anspach have opened a handful of Roots locations across the United States, each with its own look in mind. For Oakland, Namnum remarked “I saw this as a place with the density of a Times Square, but built as a community.” Inspired by this, Namnum matched the restaurant interior with a modern city feel mixed with Roots’ warm and welcoming design.

With a unique menu to choose from, warm and sleek atmosphere to enjoy, and a mission that matches the health-conscious foodie, Oakland is proud to welcome Roots Natural Kitchen to the neighborhood.

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