Puccini’s Hair Design: Personal Professionals for an Honest Price

If you head down to Oakland’s very own Puccini’s Hair Design (Located at 237 Atwood St.) a little earlier than your appointment, you will be greeted by Sal Puccini with a warm “Hello!” followed by, “We’ll have you ready in just a second. In the meantime, would you like something to drink?—comes with the haircut.” Sal stresses the importance of taking care of his appointments, but he truly goes the extra mile. Case in point: How many hairdressers have a complementary refreshments bar while you wait?

That’s not all—Puccini’s follows the slogan it champions: “When you look good, you feel good” but in this sense, they apply it to their very own establishment. With a fresh coat of paint on the walls, beautiful décor around the room, vibrant music, and new chairs catered to the customer’s comfort, Puccini’s looks good so you feel good as soon as you step in to the establishment.

This most recent set of installments to Puccini’s is just another example of how its owners have catered to their Oakland customers over the last 43 years under the supervision of Sal’s father and namesake, Salvatore Puccini. At the age of 16, Salvatore Puccini Sr. suffered the loss of his father, forcing him to make an adult decision that others were not even capable of processing at a young age, and that decision led him to Pittsburgh Beauty Academy. After a long and determined struggle, Salvatore Puccini opened the flagship store of Puccini’s in Oakland.

At its roots, Puccini’s has always been about servitude to its clients, and the Puccini family have made sure this was shown through action over words. “We make sure our people are taken care of,” assures Sal. When he says people, Sal refers to both those who come into his doors to get serviced as well as those who come into his doors to provide the service.

“People see how much we charge and ask us, ‘Why this price? Are you guys any good?’ and I have to tell them that all of our stylists are very much experienced, we just know what a fair price is,” explains Sal, “and despite this, we still make sure we pay our people right.”

Puccini’s Hair Design blends personal care, professional stylists, and honest prices that Oakland’s mostly college-income inhabitants can feel great about. Sal Puccini invites you to sit back, refresh yourself, and watch as Sal and his team make sure you leave looking good and feeling even better.

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