Planning for Oakland’s Future

OBID Hosts Kick-off Meeting with Leadership Team

On November 12, 2019, the OBID Board of Directors, along with stakeholders in the Oakland area, met for a kick-off strategic planning meeting. This group, led by BDS Planning & Urban Design, will continue to meet throughout the next year to develop a plan to support the unprecedented growth and future demands of Oakland.

This meeting asked leadership to envision Oakland in 2020 and what they valued about it. Themes such as accessibility, diversity, and opportunities emerged. In a few words, they described the future of Oakland as vibrant, exciting, dynamic and inclusive. They also recognized that improper or poorly planned development may lead to increased costs, unsustainable growth, stagnancy, or loss of character. It was agreed that OBID’s role in the future of Oakland would be a strong and visible advocate for businesses and entrepreneurs. They would act as a catalyst for projects that wouldn’t get done otherwise, and a consensus builder across disparate organizations.

This team will be working throughout the next year to determine their vision and goals for the future of Oakland, and how OBID’s role may develop to support them. Stakeholder interviews, benchmarking trips, focus groups, and additional meetings will help to finalize a strategic plan.

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