Oakland For All: The Champions of Accessibility Year-Round

Advocating for a more accessibility-friendly business district, Oakland For All: Beyond Accessible is a collaborative program driven by Oakland stakeholders, nonprofit organizations, local and state government offices, as well as community advocates. Financial support for the program is donated in part by the FISA Foundation, Oakland Transportation Management Association, Oakland Business Improvement District and various private donors.

The mission of the program is to open a pathway to a community without barriers. Oakland For All strives to be an advocate for the creation of user friendly buildings, commercial establishments, public spaces and communities. Raising public’s awareness of accessibility and ADA is another key element of the program. The goal is not only to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities in Oakland, but also to help improve their quality of life. Eventually, Oakland For All hopes to transform Oakland into a model community that can be replicated in the greater Pittsburgh area and potentially throughout the country.

A big shout out to the committee members of Oakland For All – Alisa Grishman, Joan Stein, John Tague, Martell Covington, Mary Fletcher, Regis Charlton, Rev. Sally Jo Snyder, Vanessa Braun and everyone else on the committee! Thank you for being the flag bearers of this mission and for your valuable insights into making Oakland for all!