New Development Planned for Forbes Avenue


Headquartered in Austin Texas, a new group Campus Advantage is planning a future development project ​for the site located at 3407 Forbes Avenue in the heart of the OBID commercial district. Campus Advantage is working with Pittsburgh’s local design firm Desmone Architects. The proposed plan calls for:

Residential units: 137
Retail: 3500 sf
Off street parking: 108 spaces
Bike parking: 75 spaces (46 required + 29)
Proposed far: 8.06
Lot area: 18,648 sf
Building footprint: 16,783 (90% lot coverage)
Building area (without parking): 150,230
Total building area: 201,000
Proposed height: 140’ + 3’ @ vertical circulation (max height 102’)
LEED silver certification

View the plans below!