Championing Accessibility

Oakland business owners set the example today for a more accessible neighborhood tomorrow.

Oakland strives to be an accessible and inclusive community every day. Over the years, Oakland businesses have taken the initiative to set the example for the future of accessibility in Oakland: The Milk Shake Factory (3612 Forbes Avenue), Yoga U PGH (3608 Forbes Avenue), Sushi Fuku (120 Oakland Avenue), Mario’s Oakland Saloon (116 Oakland Avenue), and Zen’s Noodle House (3531 Forbes Avenue). From curb ramps, to sufficient room for a wheelchair to navigate indoors, these businesses have truly made Oakland for all.

Here is what some of our champions had to say about their initiatives!


“With the help from OBID, ADA consultant Jones and matching grant, we installed a permanent ramp with auto door opening buttons.  We want everyone to enjoy our services!”

Laurel Chiappetta, YOGA U PGH

“The design of space has always been on my mind. We have easy access entry with automatic door opening. Our props in the studio are strategically placed in a way that is accessible. Ability, body type, size, shape – none of these will be a hurdle to anyone who wants to attend our classes!”

Urban Redevelopment Authority in collaboration with OBID has made it possible for these transformations to take place. We will continue to advocate for and create user-friendly buildings, commercial establishments and public spaces in Oakland.