A for Ability, A for ADA

A landmark civil rights law came to life 29 years ago – the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Not only does it prohibit discrimination, but it also ensures protection and equal opportunities to persons with disabilities. The ADA protects everyone: from the customer using the push button to open a heavy door to a parent using the curb ramp to move around the stroller and that student using the ramp to pull the heavy baggage on move-in day! 

The Americans with Disabilities ACT is usually equated with physical limitation, but in fact, it also covers psychological disabilities (1) like dyslexia, autism, etc. In just under a year, ADA will celebrate thirty years! 

Incidentally, October is also the National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). Celebrated annually, NDEAM highlights American workers with disabilities and reiterates how important it is for policies and practices to be inclusive, which gives opportunities to all Americans who want to work. “With continued advances in such supports, including accessible technology, it is easier than ever before for America’s employers to hire people with disabilities in high-demand jobs” (2) . To know more, you can visit the U.S. Department of Labor website.

Oakland strives to create a community that is accessible and inclusive. To learn more about how many Oakland partners advocate for a community designed for all  check out www.oaklandforall.org


1 – https://www.disabilitysecrets.com/topics/what-counts-a-disability-under-ada
2- https://www.dol.gov/newsroom/releases/odep/odep20190627

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