Block by Block’s New Hire


Block by Block, the Oakland business district’s cleaning and maintenance service contractor, has hired a new Operations Manager. Bill Stapleton, having just started this position on August 19, has already immersed himself in the job with the eagerness to learn and the drive to make Oakland a cleaner, safer place.

“I’m ready to hit the ground running! Everyday there are major and minor projects to manage, and they’re all important,” said Stapleton. “I look forward to using my creativity in the job by utilizing and gathering resources to solve problems for the day-to-day activities and requests… staying ahead of the curve is always a challenge, but it’s necessary for me to do because each day is different,” he continued.
Stapleton previously worked for Block by Block in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and before that, as a counselor in a juvenile detention center. He was also employed at a psychiatric hospital and the courts in Grand Rapids as well.

“I love working in Oakland – it’s so walkable,” he said. Stapleton also shared what makes Oakland the best area for those who live and visit the community. “Just the fact that it has everything here – the universities, the hospitals and the museums – it’s easy to spend a whole day busy on your feet!”

The Block by Block crew works seven days a week to ensure that the commercial corridor remains free of litter and debris – collecting more than 24,000 pounds of trash annually! Of course, litter removal is just the first step in creating an attractive streetscape. The Block by Block crew also removes weeds, graffiti, illegal flyers, and so on from our infrastructure. During the fall season, they ensure that the leaf buildup is removed along with the typical litter and debris. The crew also uses a hot-water pressure washer to remove gum, grease, dirt and grime from all of our district’s sidewalks to give the Oakland Business District a special shine.

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