A Starting Point for Start-Ups

Fueled by the growth of Oakland’s education and medical sectors, the City of Pittsburgh is seeding an innovation economy that rivals many global cities competing in the digital age such as New York, London and Seoul. Technology and emerging technology companies emerging from our Oakland universities have helped to create a new economy for Pittsburgh and to stimulate economic development throughout our region.

Join Oakland’s Startup Scene

Location, location, location! Oakland is one of Pittsburgh’s cultural and commercial hubs, and ranks 3rd in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in terms of economic and social activity. As home to Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, UPMC, the Carnegie Museum cultural complex, hundreds of retail businesses and over 20,000 residents, Oakland is a thriving neighborhood and a driving force behind the steel city’s “Eds & Meds” resurgence. Below are more reasons why Oakland is a great place to locate your startup!

  • Centrally Located – Geographically centered within Pittsburgh, and a 20 min drive from anywhere in the city.
  • Easily Accessible – Serviced by 20 bus routes, and easily reached from Forbes Ave, Fifth Ave, and Interstate 376.
  • A Destination – With over 4 million annual tourist visits and a daily weekday population of 100,000, it’s the place to be for both work and play.
  • Access to Talent – Home to 40,000 students — a great source of interns and employees for any startup!
  • Economic Incentives – Located in the Greater Oakland Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ), qualify for tax credits and grant programs.
  • Support Services – Ample food and coffee establishments, as well as convenience stores.

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About the Pittsburgh Innovation District

Because of the presence of nationally ranked research institutions including the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, as well as UPMC’s intellectual assets, Pittsburgh has substantial innovation strength from these unparalleled resources. Through a long history of collaboration and direct proximity, Oakland is one of the best naturally occurring innovation districts in the world.

Centered in Oakland, the Pittsburgh Innovation District connects innovation resources in many of Pittsburgh’s prominent neighborhoods including the Strip District, Lawrenceville, East Liberty Bakery Square, Downtown, the Northside, and beyond.

The District houses $1.7 billion of research and development and $3.8 billion of new real estate projects. Because Oakland’s innovation economy grows only increasingly, it is exciting to support the beginning foundations of world-class influential research. Some of these projects in the Pittsburgh Innovation District include UPMC’s three new specialty hospitals, 1.6 million square feet of office space, 714,000 square feet for research and innovation, and over 500 new hotel rooms.

About Avenu

Two pioneers in the Pittsburgh startup scene, Revv Oakland and StartUptown, have merged to form Avenu.  Revv Oakland and StartUptown were not only Pittsburgh’s earliest coworking spaces, but they were Pittsburgh’s only multi-site coworking spaces.  Avenu now boasts seven sites supporting business development along the rapidly evolving Fifth/Forbes Avenue innovation corridor. Avenu offers a campus of affordable creative workspaces within Oakland’s commercial district — where the hospitals and universities spin out some of the best minds (and startups) in the world. Avenu invites you to collaborate and connect: Lease a desk or a workspace, build a business on the street or in the Cloud, offer a workshop, develop a multi-story condo or workspace, or fabricate something at HackPittsburgh.

Startup Oakland is a unique partnership effort that captures the benefits of locating startup technology businesses in the Oakland innovation economy. Formed by a strategic alliance between OBID, Avenu and Oakland Real Estate, Startup Oakland promotes central Oakland’s business district as an ideal community for startup companies to grow and thrive in the technology hub of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. The Startup Oakland campaign was initially funded by Neighborhood Allies.

Current Members

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For All Secure
Innovate PGH Partners
Kashurba Web Design
ME Group
Method Park
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