Avenu Company Spotlight: NurturePA


NuturePA, Inc., a charitable, non-profit organization, is connecting parents with the information and resources they need – exactly when they need it.

Kate Brennan is their enthusiastic and passionate Director of Operations. Here she talks about how they use technology to support new moms and how Avenu is supporting their small non-profit:

What is one thing people are surprised to learn about you/your company?
At NuturePA, volunteer mentors support moms during the first three years of her baby’s life – all through an innovative text messaging program. We use our custom developed software to connect volunteer mentors with moms so that they leave the hospital with support already in their pocket. Volunteer mentors use our software to share parenting information, make referrals to community resources, and, perhaps most importantly, build relationships during a critical time in the life of a mom and her baby. People are often surprised at the meaningful relationships that develop between moms and their mentors without them ever meeting face-to-face. Bottom line — we are supporting moms so they are better able to nurture their babies.

One goal for 2018?
We plan to expand our volunteer pool to 100 mentors so that we can support upwards of 1000 moms and babies. For more information about volunteering with NurturePA, go to our website and click on Mentors.

Why Avenu?
Avenu provides a professional space in very convenient location for our small non-profit to hold meetings, trainings, and a drop in space for day-to-day work. We also love the neighborhood and appreciate its proximity to one of our partner hospitals – UPMC Mercy. We’re proud to have our name on the door at Avenu!