Wayfinding Signage System

The OBID and partners are leading the planning for a pedestrian and vehicular wayfinding signage system for the Oakland, Downtown, North Shore and North Side commercial districts.

The project goals include the creation of a uniform, comprehensive and distinct wayfinding system that connects the city, that celebrates what each neighborhood has to offer and that drives customers into our businesses and into our art, culture and entertainment venues. The signs will be strategically placed throughout the region with welcome signs at the entrance of neighborhoods, pedestrian signs to help people navigate to shopping districts and popular attractions complimented by vehicular signs. Kiosk maps will also be placed outside major destinations, gathering areas, high pedestrian traffic areas and major parking structures.


Oakland Signage Planning and Design Continues

As one of the regions most populated centers and home to several area destinations, Oakland deserves a signage system that will welcome visitors and help individuals navigate in and around our business district, that will be multi-modal, that will convey a neighborhood image and that will encourage adventure and exploration of all that Oakland has to offer.  Working towards these goals, OBID and partners have contracted a consultant team led by ARUP, Inc. and just completed the Pittsburgh Wayfinding Strategy Document, the second phase of a multi-phase approach to the development of new vehicular and pedestrian signage system for Oakland, Downtown, North Shore and North Side.   This strategy created the sign logic for the program and identifies boundaries, gateways, corridors, districts and destinations and proposed policies to guide sign types, content, placement and quality.  The team just embarked on Phase III which will apply the completed strategy to place signs, develop sign messaging and to begin schematic design.



Comprehensive Audit of all Existing Signage

To support the goal of the development of this new pedestrian and vehicular way finding signage system, a comprehensive audit of all existing signage was completed for the Central Oakland commercial core and for the Downtown and North Shore/ North Side commercial districts. This essential audit was conducted by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission -at no cost- contributing staff time, materials and expertise. The audit was directed by the project Consultant ARUP Inc. with funding provided by the Oakland Transportation and Management Association and the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership.

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