We now live in a world that is wired, and OBID understands that innovation is key to the success and future of our business district.

Home to some of the world’s top research, educational, medical and cultural institutions, Oakland is at the center of Pittsburgh’s Innovation District. InnovatePGH is a next generation public-private partnership built to accelerate Pittsburgh’s status as a global innovation city. The partnership is powered by a coalition of civic leaders representing the Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, UPMC, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and regional philanthropic institutions.

InnovatePGH aims to propel Pittsburgh into the future with three distinct but complementary initiatives:

A collection of work spaces in the Pittsburgh Innovation District, Avenu is dedicated to supporting equitable business development in the city’s Oakland and Uptown neighborhoods. Avenu formed from the 2017 merger of two of Pittsburgh’s pioneering coworking accelerators, StartUptown and Revv Oakland.

Pittsburgh’s innovation strength is defined by the unparalleled resources of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh (two of the nation’s top flight research institutions) and UPMC’s substantial intellectual capital. The direct proximity and historic collaboration of these world-class institutions creates one of the best naturally occurring innovation districts in the world.

A true public-private partnership, the Integrated Mobility Initiative advances a new model to implement mobility systems and create community benefit for Pittsburgh. The program leverages the dynamic, non-profit infrastructure of InnovatePGH and integrates the public policy, government services, and technical expertise of the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure.

To find out more about the Innovation Oakland Smart Streets Plan guiding this community vision, click here to view the Executive Summary.

Project Progress

To date, with more than $1 million dollars raised by the various Oakland partners and local foundations and corporations, the OBID has made tremendous progress on projects including:

  • The construction of the Forbes Digital Plaza
  • The development of a pedestrian wayfinding signage project
  • The installation of TransitScreens – real-time digital multimodal transportation displays – in Central Oakland’s storefronts and lobbies
  • The creation of an Innovation Oakland Master Plan presenting innovative solutions combining information, art, placemaking and wayfinding for new-age infrastructure in Central Oakland’s commercial district