Shop Small, Shop Oakland

November 30, 2019-December 23, 2019

Shop Small, Shop Oakland this Holiday Season!


With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to get that special gift for that special someone (and yes, a little something for you too!). There’s no better place than Oakland to find these great gifts, and there’s no better way to shop than small! Oakland’s small businesses are as great with quality as they are individuals, putting that extra care into your gift this year! As an additional bonus, ALL pay parking areas in Oakland will be FREE for Small Business Saturday, courtesy of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority.

 Check out this awesome list below to see our small businesses, and make sure to keep an eye out for great spotlights on some of these businesses on our social media!


Maggie & Stella’s 

The Pitt Shop

University Store on Fifth

Puccini’s Hair


Gidas Flowers

Medical Center Opticians

Yoga U PGH

Hocus Pocus

The Natural Choice Hair Salon

Enrico’s Haircutting for Men

UPMC Eye Center Optical Shop


Be sure to check out other awesome selections at South Craig Street as well as the gift shops at our cultural centers of Oakland!