Fuel & Fuddle – the latest restaurant in sustainability

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Fuel and Fuddle, located at 212 Oakland Avenue, is the latest restaurant to get designated and make equipment upgrades through the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants program. Fuel and Fuddle is a true hot spot in Oakland serving upscale bar and grill food since 1996, and owner and OBID Board Member, Brandon Smith, is happy with his business earning a Silver plate designation level. “The program definitely made me more aware of the importance of green practices and equipment to be environmentally friendly and help save money,” said Brandon. “Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Rebecca Bykoski, program manager of the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants program, we were able to tackle the designation process as well as identify equipment we could switch out,” he continued.

Fuel and Fuddled used the funds provided by the program to replace a 30 year-old furnace. “Instead of repairing the old furnace, I found value in a new high-efficiency furnace that used less gas saves money in the long run,” said Brandon. Brandon would like to see more Oakland restaurants jump on board this opportunity to save money through sustainability. “It’s nice when doing the right thing is the thing that helps your business grow,” he concluded.

UpPrize Social Innovation Competition


The UpPrize social innovation competition challenged Pittsburgh entrepreneurs to make the world a better place with the creation of new social tech tools. Conversant Labs landed first prize and $400,000 for further company development, and Marinus Analytics got second.

Oakland would like to congratulate PHRQL (Personal Health Recording for Quality of Life), a member of Revv Oakland, went home with the third place $20,000 prize. It is a software development firm that creates electronic health record systems for medical nutrition therapy coupled with shopper marketing and analytics capabilities. PHRQL teamed up with CHS (Community Human Services) to improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs for at-risk populations by improving diet and nutrition through food access, technology, and coaching.

Another UpPrize finalist was PathVu, a University of Pittsburgh startup, that is committed to improving walkability along sidewalks. Their vision is for pedestrian pathways, sidewalks and trails to be completely walkable so that all people – of any ability – have full and safe access to every public and private pedestrian path.


ADA Events & Activities Reminder!



Pittsburgh and Allegheny County are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with events & activities. This Act allowed our nation to commit itself to eliminating discrimination against people with disabilities through the ultimate goal of advancing equal access! The Ramp Crawl was just one of many!

Visit: pittsburghpa.gov/dcp/ada-celebration to check out the calendar of events!


Oakland Leaders Continue to Blaze Trail for Pittsburgh’s Future


Image: www.bizjournals.com

Image: www.bizjournals.com

On Monday, March 16, UPMC CEO Jeffrey Romoff, Carnegie Mellon University President Subra Suresh, and the University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Patrick Gallagher met at the Hillman Cancer Center to discuss their plan to stay in the forefront of health care’s future. The three have teamed up to create the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance with the mission to utilize data to improve the world of medical care. The goal will be to advance health care technology and build data-based health care innovations, and the three institutions are well underway with research for the initiative. UPMC plans to fund the collaboration at $10 to $20 million dollars annually.

“The majority of health care will be accessible on handheld devices. We will be thinking about doctorless health care”, said UPMC’s CEO, Jeffrey Romoff.

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Bill Peduto weighed in on the efforrts. “We’ve taken the ed-meds economy to the next generation. This is ed-meds 2.0. This is ed-meds on steroids… You can call it whatever you want to call it, but it’s the idea of how they work together — not how the education industry is growing and how the medical industry is growing, but how they’re combining,” said Mayor Peduto.

To learn more about the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance, read these articles from the Pittsburgh Business Times and the Trib Live.