Peter’s Pub Designated as a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant


Peter’s Pub is, without a doubt, one of Oakland’s staple restaurants. Popular to all who work, study and visit the Oakland business district, the restaurant has recently become designated as a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant. One of 11 designated restaurants in Oakland, Peter’s Pub looks to use its funds earned through the program to make sustainable improvements! Owner Peter Leventis is proud the restaurant has earned a Bronze Plate level. “The process to get designated was easy,” said Peter. “We have replaced the lighting in our business with LED and we also replaced a cooler and refrigerator with energy efficient units.”

Peter’s Pub, established in 1973, looks forward to these greener, more sustainable changes that can also save money.  “With all the exposure and positive publicity we’ve been getting, I would definitely recommend all businesses to join the program,” said Peter. “Rebecca, the program manager of Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants was awesome! She was friendly and educational.”

With student arrival right around the corner, Peter’s Pub looks forward to the hustle and bustle of students coming through his doors. “Being centered in a college environment where the students are starting to eat healthier and are concerning themselves with making better choices, I feel that being designated helps us keep up with all the competition of healthy eating,” said Peter.

OBID is recruiting Oakland restaurants for the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant Program. Designation enables restauranteurs to see the lasting value in operating in socially and environmentally responsible ways, while saving money and increasing business.