Oakland Leaders Continue to Blaze Trail for Pittsburgh’s Future


Image: www.bizjournals.com

Image: www.bizjournals.com

On Monday, March 16, UPMC CEO Jeffrey Romoff, Carnegie Mellon University President Subra Suresh, and the University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Patrick Gallagher met at the Hillman Cancer Center to discuss their plan to stay in the forefront of health care’s future. The three have teamed up to create the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance with the mission to utilize data to improve the world of medical care. The goal will be to advance health care technology and build data-based health care innovations, and the three institutions are well underway with research for the initiative. UPMC plans to fund the collaboration at $10 to $20 million dollars annually.

“The majority of health care will be accessible on handheld devices. We will be thinking about doctorless health care”, said UPMC’s CEO, Jeffrey Romoff.

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Bill Peduto weighed in on the efforrts. “We’ve taken the ed-meds economy to the next generation. This is ed-meds 2.0. This is ed-meds on steroids… You can call it whatever you want to call it, but it’s the idea of how they work together — not how the education industry is growing and how the medical industry is growing, but how they’re combining,” said Mayor Peduto.

To learn more about the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance, read these articles from the Pittsburgh Business Times and the Trib Live.

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