Oakland Business District Pedestrian Count

Ped Count

To better understand the Oakland Business District’s market place, the OBID has requested the help of the University of Pittsburgh to do a pedestrian count in Central Oakland’s busiest corridor.  With the leadership and help of Mark Magalotti, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer and Codirector of the Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure at the University, PYRO-Box pedestrian counters made by Eco-terCouns have been set up to collect data on foot and cycling traffic in the business district.

The counters record the number of pedestrians by direction and data is summarized per hour. Magalotti’s team anticipates running the counters for about two weeks, and the 24/7 information will then be compared to the manual counts of pedestrians the team is collecting during the district’s busiest times – lunch and dinner hours.  Magalotti’s team consists of MD Shakir Mahmud, a graduate student in the transportation engineering program, and Nathaniel Dirks, a graduate student who installed the pedestrian counters.

“This project has provided an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students in transportation engineering to gain experience in pedestrian data collection and understand the importance of measuring pedestrian activity levels as it related to urban business districts,” said Magalotti… “The project is being conducted as a public service project for OBID by the student chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers,” Magalotti continued.

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