Scenable: Oakland’s Mobile App


Oakland Scenable app from Google Play and the App Store

Scenable is now available for your smartphone!

Oakland’s mobile app is now available for both Android and iPhones! Search in your app store for “Oakland Scene” to download it today!

The Oakland Scene is a mobile and web app highlighting activities in the neighborhood of Oakland. You can browse Oakland’s local places, events, special offers and news on the web app on your home computer, or download the app to discover Oakland on the go!

OBID Cleaning Crew: Keeping Oakland Clean and Green

oakland cleaning crewThe OBID cleaning crew is on the streets seven days per week ensuring that Oakland stays clean and green, removing approximately 2,000 pounds of trash per month! In addition to the most visible component of our program, the OBID crew provides several services that have a big impact on the neighborhood.

Our Pressure Washer is capable of removing grease, gum, grime and dirt from sidewalks. So far this year our crew has used it to clean over 50 storefronts and to clean frequently around our trash cans to remove and prevent buildup.

Details are not left unnoticed by our crew members. They remove stickers and graffiti from all public infrastructure, including telephone poles, utility boxes, trash cans and newspaper racks. Additionally, they remove weeds from the public right-of-way on a routine basis. The OBID cleaning crew strives to keep every inch of our business district clean and green!

OBID Receives Litter Prevention Grant

keepamericabeautifulThe OBID is proud to announce that we are the recipients of a 2013 Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention grant! This is the OBID’s fourth consecutive year receiving this grant. The grant is targeted at neighborhoods to place cigarette butt receptacles at key locations to reduce cigarette litter. For 2013, the OBID is partnering with the City of Pittsburgh for purchase and installation of mounted steel receptacles. In addition to funding for receptacles, Keep America Beautiful provides pocket ash trays for distribution to the public. Placement of the steel receptacles is scheduled for July of 2013.

Did you know?

Cigarette butts are the most littered item in America.

85% of cigarette butts are littered onto the ground, 37% into bushes or shrubs, and 15% into planters.

Only 14% of smokers report owning a pocket ash tray.