A Starting Point for Start-Ups

Fueled by the growth of Oakland’s education and medical sectors, the City of Pittsburgh is seeding an innovation economy that rivals many global cities competing in the digital age such as New York, London and Seoul. Technology and emerging technology companies spun out of our Oakland universities have helped to create a new economy for Pittsburgh and to stimulate economic development throughout our region.

Startup Oakland is a unique partnership project that captures the benefits of locating startup technology businesses in the Oakland innovation economy. Formed by a strategic alliance between OBID, Revv Oakland and Oakland Real Estate, Startup Oakland promotes central Oakland’s business district as an idea community for startup companies to grow and thrive in the technology hub of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. The Startup Oakland campaign was funded by Neighborhood Allies.

Oakland provides an ideal environment for the startup scene and technological innovation.

Revv Oakland is located at 3710 Forbes Ave., and with more than 15 small technology companies, Revv’s current space is already filled to capacity and has began the expansion of new companies into more spaces in our business district. Revv’s long-term goal is to expand to more than 100 companies, filling the upper floors of our retail district and bringing new customers into our restaurants and shops! For more information about Revv, visit revvoakland.com or download the Startup Oakland Handout.

Current Revv Members:


Alumni Revv Members: