Redhawk Coffee Opens in Oakland


If you need your coffee fix, the Oakland business district has a new coffee shop located at 120 Meyran Avenue. Redhawk Coffee opened its doors on New Year’s Eve, and owners Braden Walter and his wife Mary Gonzales look forward to what 2017 has to bring! Redhawk’s specialty beverages are espresso drinks and single-cup brews, and everything that goes into the cup is hand selected by Walter and Gonzales. “We like to explore and test different flavors. If we like what we taste, we bring it in to share with others! If we don’t, we kick it to the curb!” said Walter.

With over 13 years of experience, Walter puts his barista skills to work behind the counter while Gonzales handles the business side of things, making them a great team that’s excited to tap into the Oakland market. Redhawk Coffee was established in the summer of 2016 as a coffee truck managed by the duo. “The truck was a 1969 Boyertown that had over 700,000 miles on it! We weren’t looking forward to the winter months because coffee is pretty sensitive to temperature changes, so we decided to move the business indoors,” said Walter.

Walter and Gonzales chose the Redhawk name because there are tons of Red-tailed hawks where they live in Wilkinsburg with their two daughters. The team looks forward to the students coming back from winter break and welcomes everyone to drop by and enjoy what they have to offer. “Oakland needs a specialty coffee place like Redhawk… we’re excited to see different faces coming through our doors every day,” said Walter.

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